Tourism Service of the Government of the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mountaineering Association "Njivce"

Mountaineering Association "Njivce" was founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Bijela, Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It brings together young people from this part of the District, interested in promotion of environmental awareness and preservation of the natural beauty of Mount Majevica.
The Association offers the following facilities:

  • Four marked hiking trails, difficult level easy to medium, which are also intended for mountain biking;
  • visits to numerous caves and clean mountain springs;
  • children's playroom;
  • sport fields (volleyball, indoor soccer);
  • visit to the Gradaščević Tower, built during the late 18th century;
  • visit to the gallery of the Franciscan monastery in Dubrave;
  • visit to the archeological site Zidine in Gornja Skakava.

The Association currently offers the possibility of private accommodation. It owns following facilities:

  • Mountaineering shelter called "Plava ljepotica";
  • Mountain lodge "Casper", currently under construction.

In the vicinity of Mountaineering Association can be found various restaurants serving traditional specialties, as well as the famous Arizona Market and its facilities.

Планинарско друштво „Њивце”